Ed James – Singer songwriter  (PRS 830626845)

His new album : Rita’s Cantina – has enjoyed good radio play. Described by Coelacanth Records as a unique tapestry of Folk, Rock, Rhythm & Blues with thoughtful Ballads, blended with a hint of Samba-Mambo, Flamenco and just a little Country.

The Album is dynamic and sizable with 16 tracks, recorded at the Cluny in Newcastle. The album featured – Tony Davis (Keyboard), Paul Smith (Drums), Neil Harland (Bass), Backing vocals – by Ian James Lightfoot, Tony Davis and Francesca and Holly Maguire.

Live gigs feature the album, as well as Ed’s back catalogue and new sons with a diverse mix of covers in a percussive up beat style.  Mark Brenta (Ightham Music Festival) says “Ed has graced our Music-festival for the last 4 years and will be one of the 2018 headline acts. His music is delivered with passion, dexterity and charisma. Strong vocals and musicianship underpin a very unique style. An Ed James show is not to be missed”

Ed James (aka – Laurence E J Maguire) hails from North Shields/Tynemouth. He attended Tynemouth Grammar Technical school. Ed lived for several years in Cullercoates before work took him to Denmark in 1999. However business and family commitments had kept Ed away from music, returning in earnest 2002.He played with many notables in his earlier days, most recently with Morgan Le Faye (European Tour 2005). Ed James plays as a solo artist as well as with the Ed James Band and a number of collaboration projects with fellow musicians.

Ed had a very successful career in business but is now a fully-fledged muso. He set up a new business at, after he stepped down as C.E.O. Hansen Group . That is now in the safe hands of his son Chris, leaving Ed the time and opportunity to pursue his first love again.

The decision to record the album and take to the road was influenced in no small part by the tragic death of good friend Dave Black (Goldie, Kestrel etc). Ed says, “I’d known Dave since we were 14. He always called me “cop out” because he reckoned that unlike him, I didn’t have the courage to follow my music. The fact is I was too shy. Well I’m not now, so when he died, I resolved to put the record straight. Dave’s song “When Saturday Comes Around” closes the Album. It tells his take and that of most musicians (who live for their stage)  and is my tribute to one of my heroes and a friend I miss badly”

Ed James recent recordings include available on iTunes and Spotify

My Shooting Star (shine on) written for the Cookson Foundation. They have now adopted it as their anthem. –

My Angel – a song written and performed at his daughter’s wedding in Vassanello near Rome. It is a song about entrusting (giving away) your daughter into the hands of the man she has chosen to spend her life with.

Love will see us through – this song expresses the pain and heartache dealing with childhood illness. Written for JDRF, Ed will be involved in a number of fundraisers for that worthy cause that sits so close to home for him – available HERE.

Up Coming Releases Don’t Throw this Away, Thanks you for the Smile , Famagusta 

Fun song written for Morpeth Football Club – to commemorate their VA Vase win – When the Highwaymen Ravaged the Bulls

This Christmas Night needs no narrative – it is Ed’s Christmas single for 2018

Ed’s new album – Trapped in a fat suit, will be recorded AUTUMN 2018