Ed James – Singer Songwriter, Recording Artist, Live Entertainer

Born in Kent, Ed moved north to his father’s home in North Shields ,aged 6 months. He “dropped” the accent and became “a Geordie”.

The North-east is rich with musical tradition and Ed quickly learned to partake. He picked up his first Guitar aged ten and now plays many hand-held stringed instruments, as well as a little piano, wind and percussion.

Ed had a very successful career in business but is now a fully-fledged “muso”. After stepping down as C.E.O. for a Multinational specialist-construction company in 2005, Ed set up his own, now successful businesses in the North East. Now in the safe hands of his son Chris, (doing a far better job than Ed ever did), Ed now has the time and opportunity to pursue his first love again. (Thanks Chris!)

Now the focus is recording his carefully crafted back-catalogue of around 200 songs, written over many years. His first ever song was written as a teenager; Does the Sky know its Bedtime? – well it made the recent SMiLe album (summer 2019), after 40+ years on the back burner.

  • Influences are wide and varied from hero Peter Green to maestro, Nik Kershaw – Sting to Bill Withers and Rod Stewart – Steely Dan to Wishbone Ash – Cat Stevens to Boz Skaggs and Jose Feliciano to Paul Simon and The Beatles. Local original-song-band Morgan le Fay, (with whom Ed played), Ezio and the fabulous Mark Knopfler. Let’s not forget Michael Bubble and Bobby Darrin.

Ed’s DISCOGRAPHY shows the diversity of his original music All Ed’s music is on (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Alexa etc)

  • ALBUMS :Rita’s Cantina & SMiLe (+ Coming Soon – Together Alone and Tales of Tyne & Near
  • SINGLES: there are many….
  • ED’s Folk foray – The Great Geordie Songsmiths, Sally Wheatley, Their Souls will Never See and many more (being consolidated into the Album: Tales of Tyne & Near)
  • COLLABORATIONS: Howay Woman Man Howay & They Called it The Village, (with pal & poet Ed Thompson), as well as the FRIENDS who support him in his JAMMIN’ with JAMES concerts. 

Ed is also introducing live shows under the Ed James Sings banner. NOT tribute acts, simply celebrating the works of some of his favourites, in his own inimitable style.

The Ed James Sings SHOWS: shows include :

  • Cat Stevens (with a little James Taylor & David Gates)
  • The Beatles  (with a little Paul Simon and the 60’s)
  • Blue Eyed Soul of Rod Steward, Sting and Van Morrison
  • The Crooners – Michael Bublé, Harry Connick Jnr and Bobby Darrin.

Ed’s 2017 debut Album Rita’s Cantina was described as Folk, Rock, Rhythm & Blues with thoughtful Ballads, blended with a hint of Samba-Mambo, Flamenco and just a little Country. That was great journey and paves the way for more. Coelacanth Records said “Ed has certainly stamped his style on second album-SMiLeStories, Music and Life in SONG. That’s what Ed is about and he’s looking forward to sharing from his “wee leather books”

Ed enjoys much radio play with The Singles and the growing Album collection on regional and national radio. See Media.

Ed is setting up his live dates, mainly for 2022 (owing to the continued uncertainty surrounding the pandemic) – see GIGS, with a number of Music Festivals throughout the summer, as well as concerts and shows in the community

Ed James is available for private functions and intimate parties too

Ed James <lem@edjamesmusic.co.uk>

  • Newly recorded releases – OUT NOW – See DISCOGRAPHY
    *  Hey Little Bird/The Bins are Thumpin’

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See you all soon and thanks for your continued support!

Ed James  (PRS 830626845)

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