Ed James – Singer songwriter  (PRS 830626845)

Born in Kent, Ed moved north to his father’s home in North Shields aged 6 months. He “dropped” the accent and became “a Geordie”. The North-east is rich with musical tradition and Ed quickly learned to partake. He learned Guitar aged ten and Ed now plays most hand-held stringed instruments, as well as a little piano, wind and percussion.

Influences are wide and varied from Peter Green to Nik Kershaw – Steely Dan to Wishbone Ash – Cat Stevens to Boz Skaggs and Jose Feliciano.

Ed James hails from North Shields-Tynemouth. He attended Tynemouth Grammar Technical School. He lived for a number of years in Cullercoats before work took him to Denmark in 1999. However, business and family commitments had kept Ed away from music, returning in earnest 2002. He played with many notables in his earlier days, most recently with Morgan le Fay on their European Tour in 2005 Ed plays as a solo artist with his unique style of original music. He also has a number of collaborative projects with fellow musicians.

Ed is also introducing live shows; Ed James Sings- – Cat Stevens &James Taylor and Rod Stewart, Van Morrison &Stingcelebrating the works of some of his favourites, in his own inimitable style.

Ed had a very successful career in business but is now a fully-fledged muso. After stepping down as C.E.O. for a global construction company, he set up his own, successful business in the North East. This is now in the safe hands of his son Chris, leaving Ed the time and opportunity to pursue his first love again.

Now the focus is recording his carefully guarded back-catalogue of over 200 songs written over many years. His first ever song was written as a teenager; Does the Sky know its Bedtime. It’s now made the new SMiLe album after 40 years on the back burner.

Debut Album Rita’s Cantina was described as Folk, Rock, Rhythm & Blues with thoughtful Ballads, blended with a hint of Samba-Mambo, Flamenco and just a little Country. That was great journey and Ed says he learned a lot from it. Coelacanth Records said “Ed has  certainly stamped his style on second album”-SMiLe Stories, Music and Life in SONG. That’s Ed James and he’s very proud of it.

Ed is enjoying much radio play. Singles have included Rita’s Cantina, The Night before Christmas  and This is your Life, played Live at BBC Radio London in January and many others throughout the summer and autumn of 2019

Ed is taking a rest from recording and is touring the UK June to September. The tour was been built around a number of Music Festivals throughout the summer.
Newly recorded releases
– Christmas is Coming (let no-one be alone)… 8th November (Tinker-bell meets New York Rock)
– Hey Little Bird – Spring 2020

Follow Ed James, live and on social media @edjamesmusic