“It’ll never happen to me” – “OF COURSE IT WILL YOU MUTTON HEAD”

Calling all super humans – who normally wear “chic guise” but balk at respirator-masks?

  1. If covid is on a glass, a chair back, a toilet door or anywhere else. It WILL zap you on contact. Unless you sanitise immediately……you WILL get the virus and you WILL spread it.
  2. If you come into contact with an infected heedless, who doesn’t wear a mask and they cough, sneeze, or breath on you (droplet inhalation)….. you WILL get infected and you WILL spread it. Washing your hands won’t work any better than burying your head in your bucket of sand
  • To those who believe mask-wearing violates their human rights. I say “Fine, so when you get Covid19, forfeit your “right” to NHS access…and go away from others, who endure it because they know it’s necessary”
  • To those who say they are too uncomfortable. I say “ Ask a health worker trussed up in gown, mask, visor, gloves and boots, like a turkey, for 12 hours EVERY day. They’ll tell you don’t do it because of a fabric-fetish”

I know it’s hard. But the ONLY way to best it is to follow the rules. It is simply NOT YOUR DECISION to childishly flaunt the rules and expose us “grown ups” because you can’t be arsed.

NB to anyone who can’t wear a mask for proper medical reasons. I understand that but regrettably, in my view that means you can not partake in the measures permitted to others who can, for your safety and theirs. I urge PHE/GOV to give these poor folk the support they would otherwise need.

This song tells the sorry tale of one such delusional, who like a locust spread this plague – see Youtube video opposite

“It’ll never happen to me” – “OF COURSE IT WILL YOU MUTTON HEAD”