PODCAST EDs and TALES – Was it a Belta? Or is it a Belly-flopper?

The PODCAST coming soon! From Eds James and Thompson

EDs and TALES – A light-hearted look at characters, stories, happenings, myths and legends from the North East

The First Episode is planned to be BROADCAST on 16th December – Guests to be announced! 

My long term collaborator Ed Thomson and I, are putting our heads together in the new show – EDs and TALES – presented with narrative, verse and even a song. We will probe deep into the heart of the matter at hand and decide it’s fate! – Was it a Belta? Or is it a Belly-flopper?…… Serious stuff indeed!

First up – we discuss Christmas in the region past and present, back through its origins, through to Victorian times and the great traditions of that era. On and up to date, with Winters Tale and beyond

Christmas has lost it Spirit! – we declare. Fact or fancy?  Join us and find out  – the show will be advertised from early December

Cheers Ed James & Ed Thompson