Rita’s Cantina Playlist.

Songs from Ed’s debut album.

Rita’s is a real time cantina on St Antonio Bay. The title track was inspired by the escape Id make with my wife, back in the 90’s

There’s something for everyone here, Rock, Pop and a definite Latin flavour



SMiLE Playlist

Stories, Music, Life – songs from Ed’s little leather books, recorded at the Cluny Newcastle.

ThisĀ  growing list shows EDs flexibility with a diversion into World music. Thoughtful lyrics, with heart rending and thumping beats , set the tone for this album. His melodic Bazooki on Cast Your Eyes and the fabulous Famagusta combine with Hammond and piano for Ed’s unique sound

Ed James LIVE Playlist

Ed on stage solo, and with the band.

Here you’ll find shows for the NHS , as well as his Ed James Sings sessions or in his Jammin’ with James shows





Together Apart Playlist

This is a lock down album. Ed’s busy with the new videos now.

Songs tackling all the emotions and events of this awful pandemic.

Loss, hope, relief, bewilderment, frustration, love, pity, contempt and more.


Ed James – SINGLES Playlist

Some of Ed’s much played singles – Ed plays acoustic versions of many of these at his live concerts.



TALES of TYNE & NEAR Playlist

This is a collaboration with Ed’s great friend and poet, Ed Thompson.

Original Geordie songs written by “the Ed’s” – humour, observation, sadness and light.

Ed James Media & Politics Playlists

Listen to some of Ed’s radio broadcasts from BBC radio London to Kid Jensen and The fabulous Ricard Sirot at Radio Deal, Ed’s place of birth.

Ed is no political animal at all but he says found these last few years, so upsetting that he was driven into verse…soz!


Ed James on Football Playlist

Mainly commissions plus a protest song about Newcastle United, a team Ed has supported since his dad Eddie Maguire took him to St James’s Park, as a boy.

The song From West End to Dead End was Ed’s ode to change – thankfully that has come to pass and the song falls into antiquity.